Leconte Stewart: Museum Report

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I visited the University of Utah fine arts museum. One of the permanent exhibits on the museum was a painting called PRIVATE CAR by LeConte Stewart. This painting was created in 1937, the great depression period. The painting was a beautiful Utah landscape with a train as the main focus, the train was a cargo train and had a couple of people on board. The people were a group of stowaways and they were trying to go to a different destination in search of employment. You are not able to the people facial expressions, but the way they are sitting you can tell that they are going through some rough time in their life, they look really thoughtful. The colors of the painting are neutral it does have some color, but not a lot. The landscape looked…show more content…
The second one is by Master of the Campana Tondo called ADORATION OF THE CHRIST CHILD (The Holy Family with the Infant Saint John), early 1500s. The third One is by Jacopo di Domenico Foschi called MADONNA AND CHILD WITH THE INFANT SAINT JOHN AND A GOLDFINCH 1463-1530. I was drawn to these works, because all three paintings reflect a lot of love from a mother to a child, It really cough my attention the facial expression of the mother looking at her child. The style of the painting where the same, a landscape on the background and the people up front of the painting to make them the main focus. All of these painting were done at the same period of time 1463-1551. When I was looking at these painting I though that the artist where trying to tell the love that the mother felt for his son. On one of the painting Madonna is away from the city nursing her baby, the painting reflects a lot of peace and love, the mother is looking at the baby while he is eating. On the next picture the baby is laying on the grass and they are both looking at each other like no one else was there to me seems like she is observing every little thing about the child christ. On the last picture Madonna is holding Christ on her lap with her eyes close this time there is another boy in the picture and he is looking up to her, the painting makes me feel…show more content…
I think that some of the work relate to the material we discuss about moral rights, for example not all people feel that breastfeeding is public is right and yet there was a painting of a mother nursing a baby. I think that the artist felt it was right thats way he did it, to show people that it is ok to breastfeed a baby. The painting is from the 1500s but it is still on issue right

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