Personal Narrative Fiction

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It took a lot longer than an hour to fix the generator and by the time we’re done, I am absolutely exhausted. Walker had finished the rest of the work, ordering the guards to put some rat poison under it. Flich, surprisingly, didn’t say another word to me. It was a relief he didn’t continue to try to talk to me. I think he finally understands I like space. I’m even more relieved when I’m back in the room; I woke up in. I actually look around this time and realize there are five beds, three messy with blankets and pillows and two untouched along with a few old dressers. I do remember my bed is in the far corner next to the blacked out window. I pace over to it and collapse; face first into the pillow. My body is drained and my stomach is still sick from whatever drug they…show more content…
“No problem.” And with that he leaves, and I finally look up. I crack a small smile, grateful. “You have perfect timing.” Walker smiles back. “So you do have some trust in me?” My smile disappears. I don’t know the answer. Do I? No, I don’t, not completely. But I feel like I should. I stand up, unfolding the clothes, Flich threw at me. “Do you mind?” I ask, gesturing for the old man to turn around. He does as I say and his back is to me without a grumble. I quickly start peeling off layers of clothes, because most of my clothes still stink of that dead demon-dog. I leave on the long sleeve shirt to cover my arm. I can’t have that showing, even if I have it wrapped up underneath the shirt. I throw the clothes to the side when a book falls out of the jacket pocket. It’s the book. The book I went back to the subway for. I had completely forgotten about it. I pick it up, shoving it under my pillow before finishing dressing. I’ll read it more, later. I need to reread how get out of here and maybe see what else the old dead man can tell me. Once done, I give Walker the okay to turn around. I sit on my bed, a hand on my pillow to hide the lump the book

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