The Fox And The Mask Analysis

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The Fox and the Mask The fable tells us a story about an unusually encounter between the fox and the mask. One day ,a fox somehow got into a store-room of a theatre. As he was wandering around the room, suddenly he perceived a face staring at him angrily. It seemed to the fox that the strange face that he had never seen before might gonna eat him ,or punish him for encroaching the face’s territory. So He began to be very frightened at first, however, with a closer look, he found that it was only a Mask which actors use to put over their face. Therefore, the Fox become relaxed and a bit bold. Then he said “Ah, you look very fine; it is a pity you have not get any brains.”with contempt. in other words:your appearance is really impressive,…show more content…
from my point of view, the people no matter in which era like the the good looking things. But at this time , people are just too crazy about it. Some people want to be thin and they start to eat little, and that finally cause the anorexia. some people want to be obtain a more charming appearance which leads them taking risk to do the cosmetic surgery .Now in the social media like Wechat ,facebook, twitter, we can see that everybody is uploading their selfie. Believe or not we are becoming more and more narcissistic. psychologist labeled the narcissism as a “modern epidemic”, pointing to the rapid change in society that occurred in industrial and post-industrial times as the cause. The past few decades have witnessed a societal shift from a commitment to the collective to a focus on the individual or the self. The self-esteem movement was an important turning point in this. It determined that self-esteem was the key to success in life. Educators and parents started telling their children how special and unique they are to make them feel more confident. Parents tried to “confer” self-esteem upon their children, rather than letting them achieve it through hard work. And that lead to the shallow cognition to the success. and that’s why we sometime we even spent more than an hour to take a gorgeous selfie instead of reading a book to improve our

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