Welcome Sunshine Short Story

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Welcome sunshine.....this morning Nick was feeling delighted, perky, happy, full of life. He was grinning waking up. Relinquishing the events that had happened last night between Mikael and Drake, it gave him a sense of energy to last throughout the day. He was so full 8f himself and every step he takes to walk was bouncier than ever. He was to meet with Amy today for a couple time as suggested by her. If he had the choice he rather had couple time with Mikael or just to stay at home thinking of ways to get Mikael back. But he could not do that. No matter what Amy is still his girlfriend. And as much as he want to spent his time with Mikael...he still had to give time to Amy. All this would not happened if not for Mikael who urged him to…show more content…
When into the theater, find their seat and plonked into them. Amy was flabbergasted with the way Nick was reacting. She was not sure why he was such in a hurry and what she notice most they seldom talk with each other in this date. It's more 8f her talking and he's listening. Ya...they do holds hands while walking with Nick sometimes kiss her on the forehead where its more of an action rather passion. Seems like he wanted this date to end as fast as possible. She wanted to confront Nick...but she hold back her intention as she did not want to ruin the date. In the theater, the sat down with their hands intertwined with each other. Occasionally digging in the bag of popcorn to eat and drink the soda. Amy took the opportunity to lean her head on Nick shoulder and gently rubbing Nick arm with her free hands. Nick never reacted to all of this and just stare straight at the screen watching the show. Nick was actually felt uncomfortable with all the closeness and touching. He wanted to pushed Amy away, but he knew it wasn't the right thing to do. He did not want to spoil the night out, but he felt so

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