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Organ Donation is a long process, yet a necessary one. Organs are like machines. They all have specific jobs to do that are vital to a person’s health. But what happens if the organ stops? When an organ ceases to do its normal function, it causes problems. First, whatever process the organ controlled stops. Then, the other functioning organs around the halt organ also begin to falter. The human body’s organ system is very complex, so if one thing is off the results could be fatal. So that leads us to the organ donation process, itself. There are plenty of ways doctors can obtain organs. One way would be by a deceased donor, which would be someone who died in such a way where their organs could be salvaged. The other option would be for a living donor to give up an organ. This usually happens when the donor’s family member or close friend is in dire need. The process of matching an organ to the recipient is still the same either way. There are a few factors that must be taken into account before an organ transplant takes place. The contributing factors are: blood type, size of the organ and body, the recipient’s medical condition (as well as the donor, if alive), and the time. After being assessed appropriately by a doctor, if all looks good and they have an organ in place, the transplant will take place. The doctor will put the…show more content…
According to the Gift of Life program, there is an average of 5,400 people on the transplant at all times. For more vital organs such as the heart and lungs, people only have an average wait of 4 months. While someone waiting for a kidney could wait for up to five years! The average of deaths while waiting on the organ donation list is a shocking 20 deaths per day. Considering all the deaths that have happened, the organ donation had at one point increased by almost 20% within five

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