Personal Narrative Essay: Perception Is Reality

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Perception is Reality It was a normal day at the office for the doctor in the chair. Except it wasn’t. A heavy thought hung there on his mind, a damp coat on the clothesline. The wheezing, uncontrollable coughs that had racked his daughter’s body, sapping the energy out of her, until she couldn’t even gasp another breath. Fluorescent lights that penetrated sickly green light into his skull, the smell of linoleum filling his nose. And then, after the man in the white coat had warned the man of the diagnosis, pushing past him and edging into the room anyway, he saw her. The father’s heart leaped three beats ahead and his lungs forgot to take a breath. His daughter, his precious daughter, lying there, her skin pale and her body limp, indistinguishable from a porcelain doll, shrunken against the scratchy sheets resembling the bed she was floating upon. That single moment replayed in his mind, over and over and over again, a bad dream that was plaguing him long after he had woken. Knock-knock-knock. It was a triple tap on his door, a fleeting reminder of the past that he had once enjoyed. The doctor went to answer the door, and let his daughter in. He dabbled in pleasantries, and then presented to her his machine. It was the result of countless nights under the lamp,…show more content…
Just a little more time... The doctor raced up the stairs, bursting into the attic storage room in a frantic craze, tossing boxes and papers behind him as he searched for the blueprint he so desperately needed. Then, he stopped. There was writing on this box, but it wasn’t his. The doctor knew the swift curves of this writing, knew its looping tranquility by heart. It was something he’d never thought he’d see again, after he had put her casket in the ground so many years ago. Clicking open the platinum latch on the mahogany chest, he saw all the photos they had taken, all the letters they wrote, all the relics they’d found on their voyages around the

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