Personal Narrative: Bucket List Generation

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As parents of young kids, you probably have yet to think of how you would spend your life after retirement. Some of my good friends, however, have retired or are about to retire, and I was glad to have spent a few days with two of them in Beijing late last month and been inspired by their different ways of living. One of them is an archetype of the so-called ‘Bucket List’ Generation. Having retired for more than 12 years since the age of 46, my friend has been living an affluent life and constantly looking for new goals to keep himself occupied. Besides traveling to many different places, his proud achievements include a scuba diving certificate, playing the keyboard, learning to sing karaoke, reaching Mount Everest Base Camp, and running…show more content…
When I joined him for the final few days of his trip, I was amazed at how well he had come to know his neighbourhood for which he was full of praise about its cleanliness and orderliness. He was also highly appreciative of the courtesy and kindness of commuters, many of whom would offer him their seats on the train upon seeing his head of grey hair despite his apparently fit physique. Equally enticing to him are the creative design and unique architecture of new buildings. Holding a foreign passport but obviously proud of China’s economic achievements, my dear friend has mentioned more than once the need for autocratic leadership in a fast-developing country like China where there are huge disparities in economic development, education opportunities and wealth among different…show more content…
Indeed, as commented by my Australian friend who has lived and worked in Beijing for more than 5 years, one can enjoy a blissful and colourful life in Beijing by focusing on materialistic enjoyment and turning a blind eye to what is really happening in the obscure parts of the city. Those who do not comply, like some intellectuals and human rights lawyers who fight for the rights of political dissidents and minorities, have been subject to harsher than ever monitoring and even

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