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For the past two years, while my friends were bussing tables or organizing merchandise, I was putting babies to sleep and singing the "Wheels on the Bus" song during Circle Time. I work at a local preschool, where I am a proud alumnus, and it has made quite the impact in my life. It takes a very special person, let alone a teenager, to spend almost nine hours a day, three to four days a week with children ages 18 months to 2 1/2 years old (or better known as the "Terrible Two" stage). Coming home exhausted is a given, but I would not trade anything for that sense of accomplishment and fulfillment I feel after a day’s worth of hard work (not to mention the smears of finger paint and snot that also make the ride home). Patience, responsibility, confidence, energy and love are all required for this wonderful job as a preschool teacher, and as I have discovered, a mature, motivated…show more content…
Raising and educating these children has given me purpose and a sense of responsibility that I now apply towards school and the many activities I participate in. I can't second guess something that could affect a child's safety or health or be too shy to speak up when something may be wrong. Now I am not nervous to speak up in class and offer my whole opinion, instead of a clipped version that I may think is more “popular” with my fellow classmates. One must show that he or she is competent, especially to parents, by being knowledgeable, polite and concerned about how a variety of situations can affect the kids. I have to be confident and show good leadership skills. More than ever, I feel happy and certain in my skin because I know that I am just as important as anyone else and that if I do not take myself seriously, no one else will. I plan on becoming a nurse in the future and I don’t think there is a summer job that could better prepare me for my future than this

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