Personal Narrative: A True American

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A True American “The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.” Thucydides. Being an American is about more than the country we live in or the name that people call us. An American is someone brave and courageous fighting for freedom. Not everyone that can be defined as brave or free is an American and not every American shows these qualities, but when I have looked at the people in the United States I see people striving to hold up to views of others. It takes courage to never back down. “Live each day with courage,” is a principle that people have to live by. Life isn’t easy and at times we will have to fight for our freedoms. Being an American can be broken down into three things, being courageous and brave, being free and lastly fighting for freedom for others and yourself. Americans aren’t always thought of as…show more content…
To be an American you have to be free. When I look at my life I see all the different things that I have that other people in the world don’t. Susan B. Anthony lived in world where woman were looked down on. They were considered the weaker sex. Today, I live in a world that still holds men at a little higher standard, but progress has been made. I can stand up to those men who think they are better than me even though I work harder and get better grades. In the world I live in today I have the right to vote and to stand up for what I believe in. I can yell at the top of my lungs my opinions and no one can put me in jail or kill me for speaking my mind. Being an American is about being free and appreciating what we have. All of us at times take f for granted the blessing we have at this time, but in the end the only people that are responsible for where we are at today are our ancestors. They fought tooth and nail so we can have blessing that we do, but if we be true Americans and fight to keep this country free we will live up to their standards of being an

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