State Vs Federal Government Essay

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State and Federal government have the same three branch structure, executive, legislative, and judicial branches. These branches are meant to provide balance of power within the government so that no one branch can over power the other. Federal and State governments are supposed to be separate powers. The state government has powers to control their respective state laws while abiding by federal regulations and laws. The tenth amendment states “all powers not granted to the federal government are reserved for the states and the people” (State & Local Government, 2015). Over the years, the state government have had less power than the federal government. The federal government have been able to create federal law or regulations that provide the base line for states to follow. Money can be a way to show how powerful a nation is. In the case of United States, the federal government creates a budget and attempts to stay within the limit. Unfortunately, Federal government “can incur a deficit to fund its day‐to‐day operations”, (Explaining Federal, State, 2015) they are able to print money. Whereas, the state government abide by the law to “operate within the parameters of a “balanced” budget, meaning that expenditures cannot exceed incoming tax revenue for the budget year” (Explaining Federal, State, 2015).…show more content…
Ultimately, the state must be within federal laws and if the federal government makes changes, or makes ruling that affect everyone, the states have to abide by them. Such example is the recent ruling on same-sex marriage. Before June 26, 2015, there were 37 states had legalized same-sex marriage in their respective states (De Vogue). The United States Supreme Court ruled that the constitution guarantees the right for same-sex couples to marry in all states. This had taken away the state’s power to choose and now must follow the federal ruling on the same-sex

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