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Brutus was a patriot for acting on what he thought was Rome's best interest when he spoke, "If it’s for the good of all Romans, I’d do it even if it meant my death." (I. ii. 87-89) Although you might say that Brutus betrayed his friend, he did it with Rome at his heart. You can also say that Brutus committed murder, but by definition, murder is the killing of another person without justification. Brutus felt that he was very justified when he kill Caesar. Now, some people may say, “Brutus betrayed his friend, and therefore, he’s a traitor.” Although to an extent this is true, but if you really dig deeper you’ll find why Brutus had betrayed Caesar. Brutus was from a very noble family; so noble in fact that one of his ancestors actually overthrew…show more content…
Brutus spoke to Cassius saying, “If it’s for the good of all Romans, I’d do it even if it meant my death.” (I. ii. 87-89) Where upon that statement shows even the slightest suggestion that Brutus is a traitor? The answer is that it doesn’t. When Brutus had killed Caesar, he did it not for honor or for gain; he did it in the hopes that Rome would remain a democracy. Brutus still felt guilty about assassinating Caesar even though he did it for Rome when he said: “Caesar, you can rest now. I didn’t kill you half as willingly.” (V. v. 55-58)We’ll now look ahead to the point where the conspirators are plotting Caesars death. Cassius had suggested that they kill Antony too, but Brutus quickly shot the idea down saying, “Noble friends, let’s kill him boldly but not with anger. Let’s carve him up like a dish fit for the gods, not chop him up like a carcass fit for dogs.” (II. i. 178-181) I ask you again to find even the smallest hint of treachery in that statement. Here Brutus is saying how they must not kill l Caesar with wrath, but with good in their hearts. Brutus had good intention with the idea of killing Caesar, and it showed in every action he made. Brutus discussed why it was justifiable to kill Caesar when he said: “But if we have reasons that are strong enough to ignite cowards into action and to make weak women brave—and I think we do—then, countrymen, what else

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