Personal Improvement Plan

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What suggestions do you have for the president on how to coach Jack and develop a personal improvement plan? How about milestones and consequences? This scenario is a prime example where a form of performance evaluation or performance management tool would benefit. A plan should be created, not only for the employee, but also for all managers, including Mr. McFlack. This performance plan should help with Jack’s concern with dealing with individuals he feels are not qualified while also maintaining expectation. The plan will provide a concrete measurement of what is considered to be excellent, good and poor performance levels. The Human Resources department should be charged with rolling out this tool with the CEO’s backing. Each employee would be expected to undergo periodic reviews to make sure all expectations are met. If not, then the employees could face consequences. If there is an issue with performance, a performance improvement plan should be created with definite goals and consequences for not achieving those goals should be identified and agreed upon. If Mr. McFlack continues to fail to meet the goals developed under the improvement plan, then he should expect to receive some sort of consequence of a demotion in job title and/ or reassignment or even termination.…show more content…
How should Jack be coached and by whom? Mr. McFlack’s conduct as a manager also needs to be addressed. Additional information will need to be gathered for each instance of what could be considered to be misconduct with his employees and/or coworkers. Mr. McFlack and all managers in the organization would benefit from participating in basic management training given by the Human Resources department, where topics like communication, supervision, performance management skills and employee law are
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