Reflective Essay: A Very Brief Look At Club Kennedy

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The green felt beneath me is curling up around the edges of the table, and the balls are gathered in the corner, in disarray, with no particular order. The cues are next to me, pushed along the side of the table, just waiting to be used. Swinging my feet off the edge in attempts of getting comfortable, my worn-out, brown suede moccasin fell off and tumbled to the ground. I am sitting on the pool table in Club Kennedy, with one shoe on, on the nineteenth floor of my residence hall. I stumbled upon this room in search of a kitchen, but it sparked my interest due to the vast array of personality and character. With the aroma of both popcorn and freshly-baked cookies lingering in the air, nine fully invested people are watching the Republican presidential debate in front of my eyes. Some are sitting on the floor, some are…show more content…
Writing in this place has evoked the need to simply understand before making judgments. Instead of just assuming that someone is wrong in their beliefs, I, from now on, should start to ask myself why they feel that way, instead of evaluating as right or wrong. A good example of this in my own life has to do with religion. I do believe in God, and I know that many people do not. When people usually begin to talk about religion in a negative way, I usually just brush them off, because they are wrong in my mind. What I should do and will do from now on is to consider what makes them have these feelings and beliefs, ask myself how they differ from my own, and what in both of our lives have sparked these strong feelings. With the great range of people in this room, it is clear to see that this is what I must do not only in watching this debate, but also in every aspect of my life. I am, however, thankful to be sitting in a room in which there is coexistence between people from different walks of

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