Argumentative Essay: Having A Child

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Finding out that you are having a baby can be the most delightful news to some people. However, all I can think of is whether I will put this kid in danger or not. Looking out of the window at the stormy grey skies, I started to worry about what might happen in the future which cause excessive sweating due to my anxiousness . He promised that it wouldn’t do it again because he loves me and I trusted him.Slowly I realised that he wouldn’t and it will repeatedly occur again and again.Things got out of hands a few years ago after my husband’s company’s bankruptcy that he started turning aggressive over me,controlling everything that I have which allows him to put his anger upon me.He would hit and kick and slap me to put his anger upon me. He…show more content…
How am I going to explain to him this time,he would be even harsher on me this time. What if he forces me to get an abortion or maybe hit me harder so that he will kill the baby? I could not let this happen to me because I have suffered enough and I have to step out of this not soon but right now. Tonight,I have a plan to leave this place,leave him and never will I ever…show more content…
I hated myself for stealing and I know it is wrong. It is too late to turn back now. I had rehearsed the scenario in my head this past few days about thousands of times. I threw on a hat and my jacket, along with a scarf and gloves. I left the house through the gate at the side and I walked between my house and the neighbours’. I had six blocks to go but I know that I will make it.I kept my head low and walked,trying to ignore the hitting wind,feeling dazed and free and terrified,all at the same time.As I reached the bus terminal not too far away from my house,I bought a ticket to

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