Comparing Irving's Characters: Brom And Miles

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In comparing the courtships of Longfellow's and Irving's characters, you will see that both stories have one substantial character in both size and demeanor, also both have a suitor of a more scholarly type. John Alden’s appearance and attitude are akin to Ichabod’s; they are both lanky and scholarly. Brom and Miles differ in that Brom is more of a bully and Miles is just a gruff old man. Their writing styles follow the same pattern, John and Ichabod are both anapestic, while Miles and, we can conclude, Brom are both less refined with their words. Katrina was working all the angles; she used her beauty, charm and wealth to get what she desired from her suitors as well as her father. Brom Bones was a bad boy, he was always starting fights, his

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