Sex Prostitution In Thailand

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There are places named red-light districts in Thailand, which are just some among a huge number of districts in the world where people are either working as sex workers or finding sex workers for many purposes. That, generally called prostitution , has influence on society's perception of honor, especially of women in Asian countries. It can be broadly seen as using money to get sexual pleasures/ satisfaction and vice versa selling sexual service to get money. Gagnon has once defined prostitution narrowly as: “the granting of sexual access on a relatively indiscriminate basis for payment either in money or goods [...] is acknowledged to be for a specific sexual performance [...] is what distinguishes the prostitute from the mistress or from…show more content…
In Thailand, sex tourism is considered as illegal activity whereas this is the destination for "greed of strangers" tourists coming from all over the world. This has been illegal, and the existing laws are poorly enforced (Rahab 4), the brothels still operate almost openly which ignore the law management of the government. Estimates made in 1990s suggest that there were 150,000 to 200,000 prostitutes at the point of time; mainly, but not only women, there were also male, transvestite and child prostitutes (Lin 7). Not only that, it is estimated that the underground businesses accounts for at least $33 to $44 billion per year, representing 15 to 18 percent of Thailand’s GDP, in that prostitution accounts from two-third of the total illegal income (Lin 10). It is easy to configure out how big the profit bring to not only people “inside” but also…show more content…
Legitimating prostitution creates the context in which both “sellers” and “buyers” do have legal protection and social benefit (Brody 194). The sex workers not only get severe sufferings from physical damage but also get higher risk of contracting HIV/AIDS (Rahab 3). Therefore, once we establish the legalization of prostitution, government or organizations can bring to the prostitutes education about laws and human issues and information about HIV/AIDS (Neuman 4). With these education programs and certainly accessible protection can help prostitutes to have equal access to education about sex and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and eventually become source of information and support to other (Ugarte), spreading the awareness and knowledge of

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