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Ayco was created in 1971 by William Aydelotte and James Conway, making Ayco 43 years old. Ayco provides Financial Assistance and educational services for corporate executives but also individuals who have a high net worth. Ayco employs around one thousand to five thousand people, placing them in different units throughout the company such as family office practice, financial counseling, financial related services/inquiries, investment services, and wealth management strategies. After Joel L. Schaller stepped down as CEO of Ayco, Timothy O’Hara, a graduate of UAlbany, was Schaller’s successor. In 2009 O’Hara was promoted to executive Vice President, and three years later was named president and CEO, where he now oversees all operations. Ayco’s…show more content…
Business ethics are put in place so workers know their moral, and social responsibility to customers and other businesses. Like many companies Ayco has numerous goals and missions for their clients such as having a relationship based on trust for their clients. Ayco is known to treat clients and associates with the utmost respect and hopes in return to gain their trust. The ten characteristics that differentiate Ayco from other companies are accountability, character, conviction, culture carrier, integrity, leadership, loyalty, passion, teamwork, and work ethic. Aycos’s code of conduct is built on the principle of integrity, quality, and confidentiality of client information. Looking at the characteristics that relate to ethical practices, a common theme seen in all of them was that Ayco prides themselves on being trustworthy and confidential with their clients and work community. Integrity is seen to be very important to Ayco and they are dedicated to fulfill the needs of their clients according to their ethical principles. Ayco has implemented a Code of Ethics pursuant to Rule 204A-1 of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 to help guarantee that its “associates” comply with applicable federal securities laws and the standards of business conduct to which Ayco is supposed to follow. “Mutual loyalty is the foundation of a positive and productive relationship between Ayco and its associates” (Success,…show more content…
Ayco uses a wide-range of insurance products such as term life insurance, annuities, joint-and-survivor-benefits, and long-term-care insurance in an effort to help clients increase their ability to transfer wealth. Ayco Private Wealth Management (APWM) provides a wide variety of investment-management and retail-brokerage services directly to clients. There are three divisions of APWM: Client Relationship Team, Goldman Sachs Investor Services and Portfolio Management and Education. In addition to the five business groups, there are other groups that work within these groups that help Ayco function. Beginning, the core groups include General Counsel, Quality Control, Development and Training, Substantive Policy Group (SPG). Quality control and Development and Training work hand in hand to make sure the AnswerLine and other financial counselors are up to date on details regarding the companies of their clients. General Counsel deals with legal matters related to Ayco, and SPG provides internal technical specialists who establish financial counseling policies and strategies and provide ongoing research, training, and technical

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