How Did John Locke Establish Independence

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Ever since the pilgrims came to the new found land known as America, they were destined for Revolution. Simple traditions and customs that were derived from Great Britain soon became their own beliefs and ideas for government. The colonies started to flourish in their own philosophies for government and what they believed in, this differed from Great Britain’s form of government. As the colonials started to form their own democratic traditions, they noticed how unfair the British king and Parliament were. After a long period of tension from the colonies and its parent country, the colonials rebelled and declared independence in 1776. The Declaration was written for one main purpose at the time that the colonies wanted to separate from Great Britain, and that was to declare independence from their mother country. But now many people have analyzed the Declaration and have shown many other important reasons of why it was written. The Declaration laid the foundation for liberty and freedom for America that later on became the United States of America. The Declaration also expresses a specific philosophy that shows the Founders theory of government at the time of the American Revolution.…show more content…
Two English philosophers that heavily influenced the American colonists were John Locke and Thomas Hobbes. Originally the statement known as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, was derived from John Locke where it stated “life, liberty, and property”. John Locke defined these as everyone’s unalienable natural rights. As well as that most colonials followed Locke’s social contract theory declaring that if a government becomes destructive, then the people have a right to alter or abolish the government, in favor of the

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