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“1984”, written by George Orwell, takes place in a dystopian past in presumably 1984, but there are no official calendars so it is not known, where the government is constantly watching its citizens with cameras, and censor their thoughts, their feelings, and their words. It takes place in the new superstate of Oceania, which covers both continents of America, Oceania, South Africa, Australia and the British Isles, who are in a constant state of fighting against the superstates Eurasia, which are all the european countries (except the British Isles) and Russia, and Eastasia, which covers all the countries in Asia. All three superstates are run by a intense nationalist, militaristic, Communism. The main character, Winston Smith, is an example…show more content…
I think Newspeak is possibly a glimpse into the future, if some social movements keep heading the way they are heading. One of the many themes George Orwell is trying to show is that censorship is bad, no matter how you look at it, because simple censorship of words for the reason to not offend people or nearly any other reason, the government could take advantage of this social trend, eventually enforce rules restricting words, therefore restricting thought, if that is in the government's interests. After reading this book, I really realized how valuable free speech is, and how important it is to balance interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. Little white lies you have to keep to yourself are bad enough, but an entire ideology and thought process different than the government, and having to keep that that to yourself must be awful, especially threatened death if someone found out you share a differing ideology. Going along with censorship, some people just think different and it is better for society to understand why someone thinks a certain way, then to censor it and pretend that mindset doesn’t exist. Overall, as well as a message to the world about censorship, it also shows the important role balance plays between intrapersonal and interpersonal

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