Satirical Essay On Race And Its Impact On Society

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I chose the societal problem of race. I chose it because in a society where we have a lot of problems, one that we have had for generations and is continually changing is race. Race is seen as this key factor given to every individual that ultimately determines who he/she is and what type of person he/she is by most of society. The thing that society continues to ignore is that yes each individual has their own skin color but they has no true impact on who the individual is. Society must take off the blinders they have in approaching each situation and realize race means nothing. The problem of race would be disintegrated if everyone would forget race all together. Instead of distinguishing a person by their race do it by who he/she actually is.…show more content…
The best way in order to make a figurative satirical piece was through a poem. My poem is satirical because it uses an apple and an orange in place of human beings with different races. This is a satirical portrayal because the apple and orange are a mockery of how society views race. In comparing the apple to the orange it displays just how ludicrous society's view on race is. The poem points out how it does not make sense to judge o view people on a characteristic of themselves that they cannot only no control but also does not show who they are. This poem is an example of Horatian satire. It is Horatian because it is not meant to be cruel or illicit some form of anger from the audience. Instead it is suppose to be a light hearted mockery of race in society and have the audience realize not only their fault but the fault of society. At the same time shedding humor on the subject showing how ridiculous it is. Th satire as a whole is made up of multiple different types of tools. First the concept of the comparison between an apple a an orange is a parody of how race is viewed in

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