Oedipa Maas Discrimination Quotes

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Oedipa Maas was an average young lady who's life flipped as soon as her rich ex boyfriend passed away. She began becoming delusional and that is where I believe her downfall started. She quotes on page 8 that she is “having a hallucination now.” Because of this quote, I believe that Oepidae was desperate enough to do anything meaningful with her life other than partying, to the point that she will create scenarios to fill the emptiness she has in her heart and soul. We learn later that she has a psychiatric doctor who wanted to drug her for experimentation as to which she rejected. Oedipa decided to leave her home and drove to the place where Pierce, the ex boyfriend, lived. She decided to execute the estate she was left with and meets Metzger, a lawyer who is supposed to help with this dead. The lawyer for some reason meets Oedipa at a motel on the first night and happens to have a bottle of alcohol and they begin drinking. Either Metzger isn't a professional lawyer or he too is part of the hallucination that she began having at the beginning of the book. To continue this hallucination, the two begin having a drinking game of Strip Botticelli to questions on how the ending of the movie they are currently watching will turn out. As the game continues and they get more drunk , they eventually have sex later that night.…show more content…
From the beginning I declared that I believe Oedipa was desperate to do something different with her life, and I believe that this would support my earlier statement. Rapunzel was tired of being locked up in a tower and wanted to do something with her life, just like Oedipa. So when she got the opportunity to leave her town, she took it so she can do something meaningful with her

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