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Flowers for Algernon, the book versus the movie, has many similarities and differences. If we investigate the differences and similarities, I can tell you how close the movie is to the story. So, let’s begin! Some of the main similarities deal with the characters and the plot. Lets begin with the plot. In both the movie and the book, Charlie the main character, starts and ends the story dumb and happy. Charlie believes that surgery will be the answer to make him smart, and smartness is what he wants in life. In both works, Charlie races a mouse named Algernon. Before Charlie has the surgery, he never beats the mouse. After the surgery, Charlie is able to win every time. Also in both works, Charlie takes care of Alganon, feeding and giving him water. The progression and digression of both Algernon and Charlie is seen in both works. Lastly, the death of Algernon is seen in both. Character similarities are seen throughout the book and movie. Charlie’s “friends” at the factory play cruel jokes on him. The workers and Charlie use the phrase,…show more content…
In the book, Charlie writes journal entries that let the reader know his level of education. One can see his progression and digression through his grammar and spelling. There are no journal entries in the movie, this would be difficult to show. Charlie’s memories flashback in the movie, both as he gets smarter and as he loses his intelligence and returns to original state. It would be difficult to see flashbacks in a book. Charlie’s relationship with Ms. Kinnian is more intense in the movie, with them sharing a kiss. There is no kiss in the book. Charlie’s mom is included in the movie but not in the book and Charlie goes to his mom's house an talks to her in the movie. At the end of the book, Charlie moves to New York so people will not feel sorry for him. At the end of the movie, he stays at his home. So once again, many differences are seen with the characters and

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