Patient Safety Themes

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As you read and analyze the national quality and safety initiatives discussed by the major players, what are the themes? The major themes regarding quality in healthcare are “. . . safety, effectiveness, patient centeredness, timeliness, efficiency, and equity” and each of these aspects is integral to the pursuit of quality care (Berwick, 2008). Medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in the United States, number one being heart disease followed by cancer (Allen, 2013). There are multiple dimensions of quality and safety that are essential to address in order to decrease the risks experienced by patients accessing health care in the United States. Safety remains the responsibility of every caregiver who interacts with patients. Organizations and caregivers possess an obligation to assure that patients are protected from injury. There are multiple facets that affect patient safety and the effectiveness of the care provided. It is imperative that patients receive appropriate care, treatments, and medications, and interventions that are not effective for a…show more content…
Theme: Patient Safety Needless waiting is a non-value added step that increases patient risk in emergency departments (ED) (Marino, Mays, & Thompson, 2015). The more time patients spend in the waiting room, the greater the risk of an adverse outcome. Moreover, wait time continues to exist as one of the main influences on patient satisfaction in the ED (Grafstein et al., 2013). The ED waiting room is frequently referred to as the area of highest risk in the hospital due to the harm that may result from the long wait times (McClelland, 2015). As EDs become increasingly busy, it is requisite that wait times are addressed. Summarize the findings from these studies. “A Regional Survey to Determine Factors Influencing Patient Choices in Selecting a Particular Emergency

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