The Long Goodbye Facing Dementia Case Study

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Becoming a Systems Thinker: Applying Concepts Rayon L. Walton Northcentral University Dementia and Major Systems Concepts Life consists of a series of events and experiences that can significantly impact our existence. It is the ability to cope with the challenging milestones that help shape our character. Dementia is one of these experiences that not only impact the individual, but affects the family unit as well. The expected roles and responsibilities, the sense of unity, and relational concepts are significantly affected and coping mechanisms adjusted in order to endure the emotional instabilities associated with dementia. The Long Goodbye: Facing Dementia (2010) documentary highlights some of the issues that arise when dealing with people suffering from dementia, the concepts that are involved in the family dynamic and the inevitable emotional…show more content…
In many families there can be and individualistic or team oriented concept. In one of the case studies of this video the husband is familiar with being independent. Although he has been diagnosed with dementia, he struggles with acceptance; he understands that he is no longer in charge, but when it comes to accepting that he can’t do things on his own he fights against what is recommended by his doctors or family. The major systems concept that closely relates to this is family homeostasis - a concept of how families interact with each change and the lengths that they go to in order to resist the change by disregarding how it will impact all the members of the family (Chabot, 2011). This dynamic can change the family structure because dementia not only affects the individual but the family as well, and if the person diagnosed refuses to conform to the new way of life, it can cause added stress to the entire

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