Similarities Between Chinchillas And Gineau Pigs

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People enjoy having pets and growing attached to them. There are many options available for people as far as pets go. Two common ones are gineau pigs and chinchillas, and they both make great pets. Gineau pigs offer some advantages for pet owners that chinchillas can't and vice versa. Gineau pigs and chinchillas have both differences and similarities. When taking care of gineau pigs has several simmilarities and differences to taking care of a chinchilla. First of all, gineau pigs have fur that does not shed as much and is much less of a nuissance. Owners never have to clean their fur. This is very helpful for owners that don't have much time. Gineau pigs only need to have their cages cleaned once a month and need to be bathed twice a year which is very easy for a pet owner. Their cage doesn't need cleanning very often as they don't make a mess and don't smell at all. Finally, gineau pigs are very quite animals and are allowed in many colleges and apartment buildings. This makes it easier for owners who travel and don't wish to bother other people with noise. All in all, gineau pigs are easy when it comes to fur, cleaning, and moving or traveling for owners, now how do chinchilla's compare?…show more content…
Firstly, chinchillas, unlike gineau pigs, have very soft fur that sheds a lot. They require a lot more effort to clean their fur from around a house. Chinchilla's are much more high maintanence as one must also clean them several times a week by giving them dust baths. However, like gineau pigs, one only needs to clean their cage once a month, but they are not given baths as that ruins their fur. Chinchillas are louder than gineau pigs as they squeak a lot, especially when they are hungry. They also make a lot of noise running around in their cages. They are not very easy to travel or move

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