Personal Narrative: Zion High School Football Field

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Crack! That’s the sound of two helmets crashing together between the 8th grade Charleston Junior Football League and the 8th grade Mt. Zion Junior Football League. It all started on that cold, fall October day of October 4, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. We were getting all our stuff together like my helmet, pads, cleats, gloves, my uniform, and some sweatshirts. Then we put all that stuff in the car so we would be able to leave for the Mt. Zion High School football field. So we left for Mt. Zion at around 2:00 p.m. because we had to be at the field by 3:00 p.m. It took us about forty-five minutes to get there for our game which was at 4:00p.m. When we made it to the field, the seventh grade teams were facing each other. We watched those teams battle…show more content…
When I walked through the gates I could automatically smell the black rubber track and the grass green artificial turf. We got onto one of the best fields I have ever played on to start stretching and warming up. We stretched for about ten to fifteen minutes then we did our individual drills with their respective coaches. Then after our individual drills we came together as a team and worked on our plays until we had about twenty minutes until kickoff. After that we had our captains go and do the coin flip with the referees and the…show more content…
We get our kickoff return team on the field to return the ball. Mt. Zion kicks the ball and it goes to, number eighty-three, Taylor Edwards who runs five yards then laterals it to, number eighty-one, Dayton Black while he’s not paying attention and recovers the ball. A few plays later and it’s third down and very long. Coach calls the play and I have to run a slant. Then, the quarterback of the team, Dalton Haworth gets the ball from Drew Shrader who snaps the ball to him and Dalton drops back and passes the ball to me quickly, and I cut to the other side of the field and run down the sideline and score the first touchdown of the game to make the score six to nothing us. Thirty minutes later and it’s halftime. We kick the ball off to them and they return it to the twenty-two yard line. They run a couple of plays and get a first down and run a few more plays until they are at that thirty-three yard line. I am guarding the inside receiver and he runs a five and out. I read his route and broke it up and the quarterback still throws it to him and I intercept and run down the sideline then I dive into the end zone into the pylon for the touchdown. That pick six made the score thirty-three to nothing

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