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Jean Watson’s Caring Theory as Applied to Cancer Caring is the work or practice of looking after those who are unable to look after themselves, especially the sick and elderly; it is an act of displaying kindness and concern for others. Caring helps individuals to be aware of their diseases, and helps them better accept it. Jean Watson’s caring theory is applicable in today’s nursing because most Nursing schools include information under Watson’s theory in their practice. Watson’s theory would be very applicable and helpful in disease situations such as cancer. This researcher has chosen Jean Watson’s caring theory to be applied in caring for a disease situation (cancer), because she feels Watson would be the best theorist to care for this patient. Jean Watson’s Background Jean Watson was born 1940’s in West Virginia (Watson, 2014). She obtained a BSN degree from the University of Colorado in 1964. She also earned a master’s of science in Nursing in psychiatry and mental health in 1966 and a Ph.D. in educational psychology and counseling in 1973, all from the University of Colorado (Black, 2014). Jean Watson is known to have many publications, her first publication being “The Philosophy and Science of Caring”. This book emphasizes on the values of Nursing and the caring aspects that it entails. Her theme focuses…show more content…
This patient was very scared when admitted to the hospital to go through the treatment process. The nurse having realized how frightened the patient was in connection with the whole procedure for Chemotherapy, decided to stay with the patient to provide the patient with spiritual needs, comfort, encouragement and safety as laid out in Watson’s theory of transpersonal care. The nurse’s professional duty does not come to an end after preparing this patient for treatment, but continues even until the very end where the patient is in the recovery

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