Patient Competency

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As physicians recommend the course of treatment they believe to be beneficial to their patients’ health, they sometimes encounter patients who would refuse the suggested treatments. When this point of conflict arises between patient and doctor, patient’s competency has often been questioned in regards to their capability in making a decision for themselves as related to medical care. While evaluating patient’s competency is necessary at all levels of care, physicians are unaware that they might be blinded by their professional opinions and deny their patient’s competency when a disagreement arises. Once patient’s competency is out of the question, physicians should respect their patients’ decisions after exhausting all the resources and efforts…show more content…
Since patient’s quality of lives is composed of many elements, physicians’ medical opinions alone can’t justify for being in the patient’s interest. When dealing with refusal of treatment, physicians have to realize that they are treating the patient in addition to the illness they possess. Patients have the different values and principles as well as different backgrounds would perceive and respond differently to the recommended treatments. Besides patient’s competency evaluation, there is “ no single standard is adequate for all medical treatment decisions, much less so for decisions about living arrangement, financial affairs…and so forth” (Steinbock, Arras, & London, 2003). In addition, patients might not be readily to express their concerns to their physicians in regards to their refusal of treatment. Instead of resorting to question patient’s competency, physicians should make an effort to investigate the reasons behind their patients’ rejection. As physicians provide a supportive environment, their patients are more likely to share their worries as well as values and beliefs that might be conflicted with the offered course of treatment. Sometimes, the reason might not be noble in conforming to the physicians’ standards. Although patients don’t have the
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