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Pastor Sam, man of Inspiration to one’s life Pastor Sam is one of those individuals who inspire my life. He earned his master’s in economy and accounting in City University of New York and earned MBA in focus on Finance. He worked for Walmart for years in a directory position, now servicing as pastor of Chapel of Praise NWA, alongside teach accounting at the University of Phoenix, and run his own private accounting business. He get the name Sam from the bible which he believe the name is a symbol of holiness in the eye of God. He see Samuel as a truthful and God fearing man who devote himself to serving his God in the most pious way. From the time, he come across the name he relate the name to himself and it brings happiness and blessing to his life.…show more content…
He will describe his childhood life as a successful one then and in a society, he grow in. He may not have some things we value as a necessity for kids today or in the American society, but at the level of the society he grow and how he see things then, he never feels like he was missing something as a kid. His kids are everything to him in this world and here after. To compare his love for them, he will say every sacrifices that he take and is still taking in life, are all for the love of his kids. He take these sacrifices to give them the kind of life he do not have as a kid, and also to lead them the way that will make them a responsible person as adult in the eye of their family and God. He will take any sacrifices towards the success of his kids. To describe his love for his kids, will be all the sacrifices he takes to become a successful

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