Book Analysis: A Doll's House

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Readers are influenced by what they read, and take into account to their daily lives. Books have been a major role in a reader’s life because of its multiple factors that may influence their cognitive judgement in life. In the Doll’s House , which is a literary text written by Henrik Ibsen, features a three-act play which revolves around a family which consist of Nora Helmer (Main Character) , Torvald Helmer (Nora’s Husband) , and Krogstad (Lawyer / Torvald’s Friend). The book has many different ways to allow readers to be influenced by the theme or ideals of the book. In the Doll’s House, Henrik Ibsen influenced the readers on ideals such as Gender Equality, First impressions and actual appearances, and Parental Obligation s. Firstly, In…show more content…
Throughout the book, we see initial impressions of a person, and towards the end, the attitude or the personality of this person contrasts with the initial impressions of the main characters. Nora initially seems a silly, childish woman, but as the play progresses, we see that she is intelligent, motivated, and, by the play’s conclusion, a strong-willed, independent thinker.Torvald, though he plays the part of the strong, benevolent husband, reveals himself to be cowardly, petty, and selfish when he fears that Krogstad may expose him to scandal. Krogstad too reveals himself to be a much more sympathetic and merciful character than he first appears to be. This affects the point of view of readers because of how most first impressions are not the same as their actual appearances. For example, Nora is presented as an ‘air-headed’ lady, which is synonymous to a female, who is perceived as dumb. However, towards the end, we find out that she is a smart and independent thinker. This contrasts with the gender ideals of women at that time. We should not judge a book by its cover or judge someone on first impressions, because that is not an accurate representation of that individual. We should get to know that person first before we make any judgements about

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