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Background and objectives: The objective of the present study is to determine the causes and types of partial and complete denture fractures. The study was conducted in the Department of Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge, Teerthanker Mahaveer Dental College And Research Centre for one year in which a questionnaire was provided to the patient who came with the fractured prosthesis. The prosthesis and the intraoral examination was done .All the data were collected and statistically analyzed. Materials and method: Totally patients with 42%complete denture and 58% RPD were examined for the fracture dentures and questionnaire as administered, which collected the information related to denture fracture and its relation with demographic variables…show more content…
As per the age, the patients were divided into two groups less than 59 and above 59 years. Causes of Fracture: As per the information provided by the patient the causes of fracture of denture were reported to be accident, trauma, impact, and mastication. The denture fractures were divided into following types - Hairline fracture, breakage in acrylic base, loosening of artificial tooth and damaged clasp. Data was collected depending upon the number of repairs attempt in the past. Type of Antagonist: It was considered to be an important factor to play a major role in the denture fracture. The status of fracture depending on the type of antagonist such as natural teeth or fixed prostheses, complete denture, partial denture was checked. Strengthener: The denture fracture was also assessed depending on whether the strengtheners such as metal wire, metal mesh are used. Infection control: The diagnostic instruments were sterilized using an autoclave (enclave) in the department before doing examination. The investigator used disposable mouth masks and gloves during examination. Surface disinfectants (povidone iodine 10 %) were used to clean the surface near the examination area wherever

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