Earth On Turtle's Back Myth Essay

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Through time, myths about heroes, villains, monsters, magnificent creations, and anything the human mind could imagine have been spread across the world. Myths, taught by tongue and book have crossed in and out the ears and minds of many, but now they have made their way to the ears of this generation. Not everyone believes them, but those who do seem to be obsessed with that one myth. Entire beliefs are based on myths. Myths are traditional stories about the early history of a people explaining how everything came into existence, but not all myths are the same. Yes, many myths have a common similarity of the world beginning in water, but there are so many differences. The myth about Yahweh and the myth of The Earth On Turtles Back differ in roles, and the way they describe how things were made, but also contrast in some of the same symbolic…show more content…
It is said in Yahweh that the world was formed in seven days, but in T.E.O.T.B. the world was created on a turtle’s back, just from mud and some roots. The way that these two myths describe the earth’s creation is very different, even the creators are different. God is known to be a man, but in Turtles. the creators’ are two women with the help of animals. These are not the only character roles that seem to differ though. From the beginning of the story Turtles Back, animals play a very specific role in the creating of the world. Animals in this myth are very special and each is very well known. In Yahweh, the animals were created first, but man was made as the essential ruler. This is very different in Turtles Back because the animals are seen as equals in the story. The animals talk, and help the woman create the world as she gives birth to a daughter. Yet, in Yahweh the animals have no such power to speak, or help the people put into their lives. The animals just exist. Although these stories differ in huge ways, there are similarities in these

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