Vampire Gentlemen And Zombie Beasts: A Rendering Of True Monstrosity

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The word monster can have many different definitions and meanings based on who you ask and what sort of environment or society they grew up in and what sort of experiences they have had. When I first started this class I only thought of monsters as something or someone that purposefully does things that are harmful, cruel, or evil to the people and things around them, but now I’ve realized that, while that statement is somewhat true, it’s not just what the monster does that makes it monstrous it’s how they are perceived by the people that read or are in the books about them, see the films with them in it, or witness real life acts of terror performed by them. The article “Vampire Gentlemen and Zombie Beasts: A Rendering of True Monstrosity” provides an example of how something is only monstrous if it is perceived that way by the person…show more content…
Rosolowski writes about how as a child how the way that the monsters in the movies were able to “burst out freely, throwing their weight around” spoke to her as a little girl that was overweight and how watching the films and the way that the monsters “ate when they wanted, and what they wanted…they went wherever they wanted and no one could stop them” gave her and her sister some of their “greatest moments of clarity” (Rosolowski 4). The way that she and her sister perceived the monsters wasn’t as something to be afraid of, but by looking at the qualities of the monsters that were good they were able to find a sort of kinship with the monsters in how they were misunderstood, and her and her sister were able to “reach out to the TV screen and make the monsters meaningful in their own terms” (Rosolowski

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