Army Jrotc History

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The Army JROTC is a federal program in schools across the united states sponsored by the united states armed forces and created as a part of the national defense act of 1916. This program soon expanded over the years under the Vitalization Act that led to more programs under JROTC being created. Although it has changed over the years since it was created the concept that goes into this program and the teachings have evolved causing diversity in the programs. The Junior Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), began with the signing of the National Defense Act by President Wilson in 1916. This act allowed schools to loan equipment from the military and gave them access to military personnel to use as instructors. The Army Jrotc experienced substantial growth following the Vitalization…show more content…
This act replaced active military personnel with retired ones and added other branches of the military. This act allowed for the creation of other services of JROTC other than Army ROTC. Over the past 100 years the JROTC program has changed exceptionally. It started off with 6 schools in 1916 but over the past 10 decades. JROTC has expanded to 3,200 high schools within every state in the nation, as well as American schools overseas. The Cadet enrollment has grown to 281,000 cadets with 4,000 professional instructors in the classrooms. This is a huge growth. As we know today JROTC is not only made up of a specific gender it is made up of young male and female cadets together in one unit.It was not always like this when JROTC was first created in 1916 females were not allowed to participate in the JROTC program. A girl cadet company was started this year since the army corps was

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