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For this essay, I have chosen the constellation Apus (Bird of Paradise). Apus is located in the southern hemisphere. Its names came from the Greek word "apous", which means “footless.” (Birds of paradise were believed to lack feet.) I chose it because I think it has a special meaning. The Apus is the Bird of Paradise, so it will make you think, where is Paradise? Will Apus take you there? Why is it called the Bird of Paradise? There are so many constellations, but Apus was the most appelaing to me. Apus has no myths. It was discovered by dutch astronomer and cartographer Petrus Plancius from the observations of dutch navigators Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser and Frederick Houtman, and first catalogued by Plancius in the late 16th century. Apus…show more content…
Because of the confusion, Avis Indica was renamed to Apus, and Apis, the constellation representing the bee, became Musca, the fly. French astronomer Lacaille called the constellation Apus in his chart of the southern skies published in…show more content…
So here is where it all started: Long ago, in the deepest and most excluded part of Netherlands, people lived in tribes. The names of the tribes were Dapper (The Brave), Wijs (The Wise), Gehoorzaam (The Obedient) and Eerlijk (The Honest). The four tribes lived in harmony. Each tribe had a role in their own little community. Then, on a peaceful day, another tribe came. They were called the Hebzuchtig (The Greedy). The Hebzuchtig settled there. And the other tribes were kind enough to acept them For a while, the five tribes didn't have any problems. All was well until one day, The Hebzuchtig betrayed them. They slaughtered all of the men and women. They showed no mercy and stole all of the other tribes food. The Hebzuchtigs were happy with what they did. Then, when it was time to kill all the children, a little white bird came and landed on the head of a little girl. The Hebzuchtigs shooed it away but the bird did not move. The men became angry and decided to kill the bird too. When the sword of the man from Hebzuchtig hit the bird, the sword shattered. The bird glowed and transformed into a woman. The woman had deep, black eyes, white hair and she was wearing a beautiful white gown. It was a

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