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Technology is a great thing; at the moment it is an important part of our society, almost anything that has to do with technology will succeed but if it does succeed there’s a chance it may fail in the future. Many great things come from people you least expect; Many people won’t know who they are until they achieve greatness, for example; Palmer Luckey, you probably don’t know who he is but he founded Oculus a company that made him a billionaire overnight. A lot of entrepreneurs start with nothing, but there are also many that are given a head start due to their parents having money, just like Elon Musk, his parents had money so he borrowed money from his father and used that to found his first business and from taking that risk he eventually…show more content…
Eventually in 2010 he started going to California State University, Long beach to get a journalist major, around the age of eleven; he experimented with many electronics like coil guns, tesla coils, and laser pointers. He then started his own little business to fix up broken phones and sell them for more, according to Luckey he made 36k, which he eventually used to build a six monitor computer but he wasn’t satisfied so he thought “Why not just put a small screen directly on your face?” at the age of 17 he started developing a virtual reality headset, and at the age of 19 he finished the prototype, he managed to get three video game programmers to work with him, when they finally got their things together, they published the oculus on a crowd-funding website called their goal was $250k but managed to get over $2.4m they called the company Oculus VR and Iribe one of the co-founders became CEO, about a year later Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg went to test out the Oculus rift the company’s main product, Zuckerberg said “That was pretty awesome” he also said that before he tried on the headset he knew that was the future. Zuckerberg decided to purchase the company for $2 billion. Now owned by Facebook the oculus

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