Personal Narrative: Marching Band In High School

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Brandi and I had been inseparable since sixth grade. We had sleepovers every weekend, laughed until our stomachs hurt, and obsessed over Justin Bieber and Twilight. We called ourselves as “BFFLNMWH”s, or “best friends for life no matter what happens”. Brandi and I did everything together; to the point where we seemed to hang out just us or together in groups. We even had the same schedule in eighth grade, so we were constantly attached at the hip, either at school or one of our houses. People referred to us as “Sandy” because we never left each other’s side. Brandi continually kept up with the latest trends in middle school. She always had the coolest jeans, the coolest shoes, and the coolest backpack. In sixth grade, she told me that I needed…show more content…
We were going down different paths; she was planning on auditioning for the dance team, and since I didn’t play any sports, my parents forced me to try marching band. Brandi and a few other of my friends tried to convince me out of doing marching band because it was “nerdy”. When my friends and I went to high school football games, they laughed at the marching band and mocked how ugly the uniforms were, telling me “that’s going to be you next year”. They told me about how band has a bad reputation and that girls in marching band never get boyfriends. Little did I know how much my decision to join the marching band would affect my life and…show more content…
However, Brandi seemed to forget this “promise” as I began marching band rehearsals and hanging out with band people. Once Brandi noticed me making new friends, she got closer with Cami, one of our friends from middle school. Every day at school, Brandi and Cami would laugh about an inside joke or discuss their plans for the weekend. Cami would tell Brandi things like, “I want you to be in my homecoming pictures!” as if I was invisible. Brandi and I had German class together right before lunch, but she stopped waiting for me after class to meet up with Cami. Whenever I checked Instagram, there was a new picture of them posted with the caption, “I love my best friend”. Prior to high school, Brandi never had inside jokes with anyone else or called someone besides me her “best friend”. My “BFFLNMWH” had become a stranger within the first month of high

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