Pakistani Fashion Industry Analysis

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Our culture was to cover up yourself from dupatta but now after the western fashion penetration the “Dupatta” is lost somewhere. Girls are just preferring dresses without dupatta. Nowadays our fashion industry doesn’t look Pakistani fashion industry. Religious festivals: The idea of Eid is gradually losing its appeal in Pakistan. This is on the grounds that the enthusiasm of Pakistani's has occupied else where because of media and evolving patterns. In the present Pakistan, individuals are more excited about Halloween, Holi, Valentine's Day, New Years Eve and so forth. These celebrations are not a piece of our way of life but rather we discover them more charming and have a tendency to tail them, deserting our own customary celebrations. Moral…show more content…
Pakistani dishes, which were well known for their flavor, are not really worthy to the present .youth. Starting today, we see frosty beverages being utilized to such a degree, to the point that they are a piece of relatively every feast, even in formal meals. Sea food lobster and shrimps were not normal in eateries but rather now it is regular in eateries which are offering western nourishment. Those eateries have been opened quickly in huge urban areas of Pakistan from past decades and open is valuing them. Notwithstanding of this individuals favored Lassi to drink and they think it influence them to rest yet now vines are being wanted to rest.The presentation of caffeinated beverages and soft drinks additionally has had an influence in reducing the utilization of conventional beverages. Media…show more content…
Westernization has been spread all through our nation in light of the media. The TV channels indicates different commentators and distinctive characters in the shows wearing westernized garments. Furthermore, hint scenes are winding up more typical in TV programs. Indeed, even our Lux Style Awards delineate the western style of dressing and stylistic layout. mostly prefer English movies to watch in cinemas especially upper class has made this trend to watch movies in cinemas. Mostly the American movies shows and force to implement their culture in the form of fashion, speaking way and even living style appeal Pakistani people much. Despite of all this not only people are adopting their culture but Pakistani film industry is adopting their technology for making movies which is appreciable but the vulgarity is not acceptable which goes against our culture and tradition. This thing doesn’t reflect Pakistani culture. The media of today is abusing the identities of new age. It shows the western world in such a sparkling path, to the point that anyone can turn into its casualty. I have seen numerous youths who have obtained the western culture like dressing, method for talking and every single thing mirrors their fixation for the western culture. They wanted to be called American or British than Pakistanis its extremely disgraceful that we have lost our actual character and are tailing

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