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“A Pair of Tickets” “A Pair of Tickets” by Amy Tan which focuses on a woman, June May, fulfilling the lifelong wish of her mother to find her long lost twin daughters. The setting in this story changes the soul of the narrator as she begins to discover things about herself and her mother. She finally understands what her mother meant by “Once you are born Chinese, you cannot help but feel and think Chinese.” She knows that she is Chinese and she can never deny again, because it has already been rooted in her veins. She also finally gets a full idea of what China is really like. June May before she visited China would always say she wasn't Chinese. Her mother always told her she was and will never get it out of her system. One day June Mays…show more content…
In one instance when the cab pulls up to this huge magnificent hotel she instantly expects it to be expensive. She had told her travel agent that she wanted two hotel rooms for about thirty-five to forty dollars each. The first thing she said the second she say it was “This is communist China?” She is greeted by a bellboy to take her luggages and just keeps think that this has got to be a mistake, when she gets to the front desk the worker had told her that it was no mistake and her rooms were paid for in full for thirty-four dollars a piece. June May was astonished. Another instance was when she opens up the mini fridge and finds complementary alcohol, sodas and snacks, but these we no Chinese branded drinks and snack, they were American. In the mini fridge was Heineken, Coke, and Seven-up, mini bottles of Johnnie Walker, Bacardi rum, and Smirnoff vodka, and packets of M&M’s, cashews, and chocolate. This amazed her because being in China you instantly think you're going to get Chinese products not American. Many people that have never left the United States always have this big picture of how they think some place will be like but when they arrive it isn't that much different from home in many cases. For example the first time i

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