Amy Tan's A Pair Of Tickets

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During the course of Amy Tan’s “A Pair of Tickets”, the narrator constantly refers back to her experience in a postmodern America to compare what she believes to be old world China. By doing so the narrator gives the story a heavy America tone, in which scenery and people are viewed through the lens of an American. The self-discovery that the narrator describes gives the story an even deeper meaning and understanding of what the narrator is going through in her period of finding her Chinese roots. The narrator makes it clear that she is struggling taking up her Chinese roots. During her time living in San Francisco, she is integrated into the America life style, which become clear in the beginning passages of this short story. For example, her Caucasian friends from high school believe “I was about as Chinese as they were.” This unmistakably bothers her mother who was a nurse, who strongly believes that “Once you are born Chinese,…show more content…
Once the narrator has disembarked from the train in Suenzhen they have to go through customs. When standing in the line, she remembers when she was waiting for a bus in Francisco. This shows that the narrator is constantly trying to reach back to the familiarity that she is used to, showing the reader she really hasn’t embraced her Chinese’s roots. This can be clearly seen when the narrator starts questioning whether the customs officer will actually believe that it is her as, she looks quite different in her picture. The picture in the passport is her with a lot of makeup, whilst on the day she is hardly wearing any. An interesting remark comes from the narrator in which she thinks that perhaps the customs officer will think she is true Chinese as the passport is forged. However the narrator rationalizes that it wouldn’t be the case as she is taller than most Chinese women and quickly dismisses her initial

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