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Trading Introduction You’re looking down at the treacherous waves crashing onto your ship. Waves are pounding on the deck, your ship nearly flips over. Tat, tat, tat! Thunder is right above you. This is the feeling you would get if you were on a colonial trade ship delivering a product to the colonies. In this passage you will be learning about the history of colonial trading, the triangular trade route, and the poor treatment of slaves. The History of Colonial Trading: Colonial trading began in the 15th century and was a prosperous means of exchanging necessary goods that the Colonials used in everyday life. Colonial trading first began as part of the widespread slave trade when Portuguese and Spanish settlers transported slaves from Africa to the American colonies they had conquered during the 15th century. They named this trade…show more content…
The route spanned across the Atlantic Ocean was used to transfer materials from one colony to another such as sugar, salt, bark, and other materials. However, one problem the triangular trade route had was that it would take several weeks for each shipment to arrive. The picture below shows how complex this system of trading was and also shows the types of goods that were commonly traded in this passage. In addition, the different climates in each colony had a significant effect on the types of resources they had or could grow for trading. Some colonies could have the right weather to grow certain crops while other colonies would have poor weather for growing, thus they would trade goods with one another. For instance, the New England colonies had a horrible climate and it was very difficult to grow anything due to their rocky soil. On the other hand, the Middle colonies had very rich soil and produced a lot of crops for

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