Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Report

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UV VISIBLE AND ATOMOC ABSORPTION SPECTROPHOTOMETRY Term Paper Report Submitted by NITIN SHARMA (216MN1467) Master of Technology In Mining Engineering Department of Mining Engineering National Institute of Technology Rourkela Orissa -769008, India ABSTRACT These days technology advancement is at its zenith.There is a zeal to obtain maximum efficiency and also to get the desired output by abating the extraneous things.This requires a meticulous effort and much articulated path which is to be accomplice for desired results.This UV visible and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry are the ramification of technology advancement.As we know that all the chemical substance absorb energy and after absorption…show more content…
This UV visible and atomic absorption spectrophotometryis enhancement of photometric effect.Photometry reckon with Electromagnetic radiation perceive by human eye’s response.Spectrophometry measures the transmission of beam of light through a liquid sample or the amount of light energy that does not pass through the solution.In this a special type of sample containers is used.These containers are known as cuvettes and used to hold the liquid sample in beam of light.From our prior knowledge of atomic science,we know that the electrons which are having higher energy revolves in upper shell.There is liberation of energy when the transition between the upper shell and the lower shell takes place.This energy liberated in the form of light.The energies involved in these are of magnitude 30 to several hundred kcal/mol.The UV radiation lies between the wavelength range of (100-400)nm of Electromagnetic spectrum of light.Generally,these instruments cover the range of (180-800)nm of wavelength.The principle that is utilized by these instruments is called as atomic absorption spectrophometry.The monochromatic source of light allows to fall on the atoms that are present in the chemical solution.And these atoms absorb the radiation and transmit fraction of incident energy.This transmitted energy is the indication of amount of atoms that are present in the chemical solution.more the transmitted energy more will be the concentration the atoms in the sample or chemical solution.The entire…show more content…
Beam with radiation P0 enters into the transparent plate containing the sample.The symbols have the following

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