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Anissa Introduction Ozone Layer What is the ozone layer ? (1st slide) The earth atmosphere has different layers, the first layer in the atmosphere is the troposphere, the troposphere is about 10 km away from the earth's surface, many human activities like mountain climbing or gas balloons are held here, also almost all weather occurs in this layer. The second layer is the stratosphere, the stratosphere is about 15 to 60 km. The ozone layer is placed 20 to 30 km above the earth, in the stratosphere. The ozone layer is just like a sponge, it takes in the little bits of radiation from the sun hitting the earth. The ozone layer protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet B radiation that comes from the sun. The Chapman cycle is natural cycle which occurs in the stratosphere with a constant interaction between oxygen molecules and ultraviolet ray. This process is a cycle, because it is a constant switch between different molecules of oxygen. The ozone layer itself is created during the cycle it is made when ultraviolet rays react with oxygen to create ozone and atomic…show more content…
Some industries that manufacture things like soaps, air conditioners, refrigerators, use something called chlorofluorocarbons (CFCS). When CFCS is being released from the industries, they go to the stratosphere, Ultraviolet radiation from the sun will then break the CFCS, and release chlorine atoms. When Chlorine atoms are released, they react with a Ozone, which destroys the Ozone. The more reactions that take place, the more chance of a depletion. There are two specific places where the ozone layer has been depleted. In Australia, the ozone layer thinned 5-9% which causes an increase of Ultraviolet radiation reaching the earth. And a higher risk of humans getting UV

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