Oreos Research Paper

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Different types of oreos?! The price for both of these oreo bags cost 2.75$. And both of these oreos are the same kind.And there is peanut butter cup oreos that are coming soon. There is also pumpkin spice oreos. And there is oreo stuffed M&M cookies. There is also a new kind of oreo called Toasted Coconut oreos. So for my essay I had a problem question. And that problem question was which size would be the better buy? And I think this because I really get very hungry sometimes.And I usually want a bag of oreos. I think the 30 cookies for 2.75$. And I think this because they both cost the same amount of money but it has more in the bag. And they usually are very delicious that people want more of them. For this essay, I will

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