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Indentured Servants into Racial Slavery The beginning of the consequential series of events that eventually lead to one of the worst treatments one man can inflict on another man, was chattel slavery. Chattel slavery was when a man or woman’s dignity was completely taken from them. This was done by the taking of their original name and given a new extremely literal one like “Slave” or “Property”. They were legally owned. They could be purchased, sold, and even inherited. Forced to leave families to never meet again, broken completely mentally. If the slaves had children they would also become property of the owner. They were often abused physically, mentally, and sexually. The slaves were pushed right to the brink of death. They were fed just…show more content…
The contracts were a set amount of time of service; they were normally 3 years for men at 24 years old. The service they provided could be anything from a personal cook, maid, or a tobacco field worker. Aside from the hardships of whatever labor was required on your contract. Indentured Servants had to face what could be cruel treatment from their master. It was not rare for there to be physical abuse, and the law didn’t protect the servants either. Even though there were many downsides to being an Indentured Servant, it didn’t stop almost half of all the English colonist emigrating to the new…show more content…
For one the job on the sugar plantations were extremely hard on the body because of the brutal labor required to harvest the sugarcane. The high temperature and humid air would often lead to heat exhaustion. The slaves were often forced to find and prepare their own meals, construct their own shelters, and could be worked for 20 hours a day. All these reasons took an extremely large toll on the slave population in South America. Due the high demand of labors needed there was an ever so growing flow of slaves. Most of the slaves came from South-West

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