Analyzing Classical Concerts

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When I entered Macky, there was an overwhelming amount of voices chattering before the concert began. I have been to a couple of classical concerts, and typically it is much quieter before the concert begins. When the concert began, the audience was very enthusiastic about the players and the music that they would be playing. Throughout the entire concert, there was a lot of coughing and whisper throughout the auditorium. Also, between each movement, the audience applauded. This is typically not a feature of other classical concerts I have been to. Classical concerts are usually silent, almost to the point that it is uncomfortable. The pieces played in the concert were very interesting. The first piece was “Dancing on Water”. The title is a…show more content…
This piece was also displayed signs of consonance. The music was upbeat, but everything seemed to be in agreement. Tempo: This piece had an upbeat tempo, from beginning to end. The moment the band began playing, energy filled the auditorium. I would considered this piece to be at an Allegro tempo for the first half, then in the middle the tempo slows down to an Adagio pace, but then return to an Allegro pace. Meter: “Conga del fuego Nuevo” has a quadruple meter, meaning that the beats of this piece are combined into four beats. Rhythm: The rhythm is semi-fast and upbeat. The rhythm of each instrument went well with the other instrument. It was cohesive. The rhythm ultimately gave shape to the melody. Texture: It seemed that the melody, harmony, and rhythm were combined in a cohesive manner. This made the music sound pretty and it was easy to listen to. Dynamics: “Conga del fuego Nuevo” has both loud and soft elements throughout. The parts of the piece that are at an Allegro pace, typically are much louder (forte). While the parts of the piece that are at an Adagio pace, are much softer (piano). The is piece did not have a lot of transition between loud and soft, rather it just jump back and forth between the…show more content…
Concerts are typically a time to escape from reality and listen to amazing music. I have been to multiple classical concerts, but I have never been to a strictly woodwind instrument concert or one that is made of college students. I personally am a big fan of string instruments because I feel they add elegance and charisma to pieces, but I was thoroughly impressed by the woodwind instruments. Instruments that I would not normally classify as pretty when played alone, sounded beautiful when played with the group. Even though I enjoyed the concert, there were some things I did not like. The overall atmosphere of the event was interesting. There were quite a few college students, as well as parents and other individuals from the community. While the Symphonic band, the auditorium was very, very loud and the environment overall was distracting. It was filled with coughing and whispering, and many people were on their cell phones. I found this disrespectful. Even though this is not the Philharmonic Orchestra, everyone should still respect the band and the amount of time they put into making these pieces immaculate. Overall, I had a nice experience. I was able to listen to good music, in a beautiful venue. I really could see the amount of time the Symphonic Band practiced. Each piece was memorable, and even if I did not like the composition, the band executed it perfectly. I would love to see the Symphonic Band again, possibly paired with a

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