One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Summary

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the Cuckoo’s Nest is split into four parts. 1. Chief Bromden is the narrator of this book. He lives in an insane asylum, and he is very large in size. He is half indian and pretends to be deaf and dumb so no one will try to talk to him. Nurse Rached is the boss in the ward and the antagonist in this book. She isn’t feminine in the slightest except for her large bosom which is spoken about quite often. Chief often hallucinates that the ward has this “fog” which keeps him from seeing what he shouldn’t, but really he is just being given medicine. A man named McMurphy joins the ward because he wanted to get away from the work farm he was at. Patients are divided into acutes and chronics; curable and not curable. The nurse keeps the ward working on a strict schedule, and McMurphy wants to make her lose her temper since she is always having to keep calm.…show more content…
2. McMurphy makes himself at home in the ward, singing very loudly and waking everyone up in the morning. McMurphy asks the nurse if she would turn down the music in the ward, but she doesn’t get angry, she just politely tells him that would not be allowed. We learn that the chief is an amazing narrator because he sees everything that goes on inside the ward, and he acts deaf and dumb so people say things around him that they wouldn’t if they knew he could hear and could understand. He is all-knowing. McMurphy and the other men want to watch baseball, and the nurse wont let them, but instead they just all sit in front of the television and it drives the nurse crazy. She begins screaming, and McMurphy wins his bet with the other patients. 3. McMurphy arranges for all of the men to go on a fishing trip. Bromden is outed as not being deaf and dumb, and the men have a great time. 4. McMurphy helps Bromden get big and strong again and then asks him if he can lift the large control panel

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