One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest is an interesting movie full of interesting characters in an insane asylum where two of the characters end up dead. The main character is R.P. McMurphy, who is an eccentric character and is the main antagonist on many levels but in the end ends up dead in the hands of another patient. The next character is Chief Bromden, he is a quiet one and not one for words, not one. McMurphy just calls him Chief and can pretty much get him to do anything even though he’s really not mentally challenged. Chief ends up escaping in the end with the words of McMurphy in his mind. Billy Bibbit is the other character that ended up dead in this movie. He was a bit skittish and apparently was ruled by his mother and her ways. And last but not least is the next character, Nurse Ratched. She’s not much on sympathy or apathy. She is of strong character and is obviously stuck in her ways.…show more content…
Her poignant disdain attitude doesn’t do much for the fact that she’s a nurse, whom is to be a nurturing caregiver. She’s anything but that. While this disdain attitude doesn’t seem to affect Chief at all, it affects McMurphy and Billy in different ways. As it only aggravates and provokes McMurphy to be insolent it intimidates Billy greatly. The question in all the commotion is who is ultimately responsible for McMurphy’s and Billy’s deaths? Is the hospital, the nurse or Chief responsible for the
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