Ivanhoe Similarities Between Book And Movie

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These are the similarities of the two trials in both the novel and motion picture Ivanhoe. There are two trials in both the novel and the film. The first trial is the normal trial where they say that Rebecca is a witch. The second trial is when Bois Guilbert, a knight of Templar, fights Ivanhoe in the trial by combat. A trial by combat is when there is one knight is fighting against another to determine if the person on trial is going to live or die. The trials happened at Templestone. Templestone is the main location for the knights of Templar. Bois brought Rebecca there to hide from any other places in both the movie and the novel The court thinks that Bois Guilbert is under a spell because she was on trial for being a witch. Both in the novel and motion picture if Rebecca says that if she is guilty will be let free, however, if she does not and claims not guilty, she will die (the court decided that before the trial even started). Bois Guilbert is the one who warns Rebecca of this. He also says that if she goes…show more content…
If Bois Guilbert wins then Rebecca and Ivanhoe die and if Ivanhoe wins, then Rebecca lives and Bois Guilbert dies. Bois Guilbert represents the court and Ivanhoe represents Rebecca. During the fight, both clanged, clashed, and jostled, however, in the end Ivanhoe wins the fight. It is not sure how he died because he had no battle wounds. It is thought that Bois willed himself to his death so that Rebecca could live. Bois Guilbert loved Rebecca but, she did not love him back. Right before Bois Guilbert died, while he was on the floor dying, he said that Rebecca has been and always will be his and nobody else’s. After the trial, Rebecca finds herself lonely because she found out that she has no one to love her so she lets Rowena have Ivanhoe. Rebecca says that Ivanhoe was never hers, however, Rowena’s. King Richard came and took back his

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