Olympe De Gouge Complicates The Purpose Of The French Revolution

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1. Olympe de Gouge complicates the philosophy of the French Revolution by contradicting herself. De Gouges talks about men and women having equal rights. However, she said that the law she proposes “be rigorous against women.” Then de Gouges adds that prostitutes should be placed in designated quarters because they do not contribute the most to the “depravity of morals, it is the women of the society who do.” De Gouges says women should be treated equally, but then says laws should be strict on women. She comes off as confusing and complicated with what she is trying to enforce because she says on thing then ends up contradicting herself. 2. There are many differences between revolutionary and constitutional government. The purpose of constitutional government is to protect the Republic. Under this government, individuals are protected from encroachment of the states power. The revolutionary government, on the other hand, is the cause of the fear of the aristocracy. This government puts in a lot of activities since it is war. In addition, because circumstances that allow its success are those of change with every moment, it is not subjected to constant laws. Furthermore, the revolutionary government is “obliged increasingly to disclose new sources of energy to oppose the rapidly changing face of danger.” Lastly, under this governments state powers protect themselves from attack, and it protects good citizens on a national level. 3.…show more content…
George Valentia thinks the increasing number of half-caste children in Calcutta is a problem because they have the power to form the first step to colonization. They do this by creating a connection of union between the natives and the English. In addition, Valentia believes that the increase of the half-caste children in Calcutta can result in the ruin of a

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